The Company

Life Support Medics is a professional training company owned, run and operated by professionals who are passionate about their work. We aim to provide a complete package to you and your company including First Aid, Automated External Defibrillators (AED), Food Hygiene, Health & Safety and Fire Courses. You get complete piece of mind knowing that everything is provided and support is available should you need it. Our head office is based in Liverpool, Merseyside however we run courses all over the country and have even run courses abroad including the likes of Nigeria and United Arab Emirates.

Excelent Value For Money

We provide courses primarily "in-house" at your specified work location. This means that we can pass savings on to you and reduce your overall costs and your staff costs for traveling to an external location. Should you need, we have external venues at no extra cost. We provide all neccessary consumables so that you just pay one price without the need to pay for anything else.

Our Instructors

Each of our instructors are highly qualified, come from varying backgrounds and have practical experiance to enhance and bring new dimensions to the learning experience. These Backgrounds include:

Nurse Practitioners

Practice makes perfect

Our nurse practitioners have backgrounds not only in Accident & Emergency departments but also in triage, Advanced Trauma and Critical Care (ATLS) and also train other health proffesionals including doctors and paramedics.


Trauma & Training

Firefighters dont just deal in house fires. The modern firefighter is trained in many disciplines including Advanced Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC), danger awareness, hazard perception, dynamic risk assessment, Road Traffic Collisions, working at height and in confined spaces. They train constantly to keep their many skills sharp.

Remote Medics

Less than ideal circumstances

Our remote medical staff train to work in areas where medical care isnt readily available or quick to access. They deal in diagnosing, prescribing and administering of specific drugs to casualties who need it when there isnt a doctor around.

Military Personnel

Extreme situations

Our ex military personnel not only served their country but also served in som eof the most hostile countries on the planet. They continued to pass on their knowledge to other members of the armed forces and now they pass this information onto you

Health & Safety Managers

Safe & Sound

Our Health & Safety trainers have many years in various industries including food manufacturing, retail and logistics to ensure you get the valued experience as well as the knowledge